the new chocolate LG BL40

I have always been the kind of person who believes that a product is made solely for a purpose, a camera is a camera, and a phone is a phone. Which kinda explains why I own a phone, an mp3 player, a camera all separately. So when I was given a chance to test out a smartphone, I was pretty hyped up and excited.

LG’s latest offering, the BL40 chocolate, is made in my favourite colours: red and black. Sleek is probably an understatement to describe it. Typical of Korean brands, presentation and look is extremely important (those who stayed in Korea or Japan would agree with me). Paired with vivid colours and cute ringtones, the phone was definitely love at first sight. Though the phone seems to be in a rather odd length, it felt very comfortable to hold and use.

Using the S-class interface, it makes navigating the applications a fun and easy way. Jam packed with applications (which works wonder when you are bored and trying to find some games to pass time), it was a little to identify what the cute little icons will bring, but it’s all about exploring and getting to know the phone better. Basic functions work quite easily, with a QWERTY keyboard included when the phone is tilted to one side.

What’s most impressive about the phone is the 5MP camera. With specifications such as Schneider-Kreuznach lens, LED flash, geo-tagging, image stabilization, face detection, Smile Shot, Blink detection, Intelligent shot, Beauty and Art shot, VGA video recording at 30 fps, I was skeptical at first how all these functions could actually fit into a phone. And I was proven wrong. The photos taken looked professional and definitely did not lose out to the proper cameras out in the market. Photos were taken with the function of the half-stop focus action that none of the camera phones I have encountered before have, which proves to increase the quality of the pictures by a big leap.

Watching videos in the 21:9 aspects paired with the Dolby sound system proved to be an eye opener. Graphics, clarity and color were at the highest standards that I have ever seen and experienced before. However, the size of the screen just seems to work really well for videos, and not for web browsing and emails.


The new Chocolate is definitely a head turner, with its sleek design and color pairing of red and black (all my tech stuff seems to be in red and black I realized). Multimedia tools are definitely a class above the competitors so far. Truly a statement looking phone.


Battery life seems to be a little short, especially for people who spend their entire day browsing the net on their phones. Touch interface seems to be lagging at times, making it irritating to have to keep “touching” the command button to get to where I wanna go.

All in all, the phone’s an impressive multimedia gadget, with amazing graphics and colors to boast about. Definitely room for improvement in the interface and touch-sensitive departments. With a bit of tweaking done, this phone is probably a very amazing phone that will be seen on people’s hands. Yet, currently, it’s really a case of you love it or you hate it.

have i been naughty or nice?

well well well? ho! ho! ho!

the year is coming to an end.
and somehow i am starting to dread posting blogs because i am too lazy to do. and photos are always uploaded on facebook.

i think i have been a naughty little boy this year. dun u think so?

of the little holidays i have been taking

i know. i know.

i haven been very diligent in updating this blog of mine.
work has been taking up too much of time, and of course with the passing of a dear friend, catching up with old time friends and spending more time with family was more important.

this trip to korea was with the bff, and the bff's bf. this trip back was some what different from last year when i actually stayed there. different company obviously made it different for the fact that i was the only one who spoke the language and all my dear friends weren't around to do the silly things we used to do.

gone were all the little shops we used to eat. relocated were some shops which i took a long time to find. and the places i found, they hardly share the joy that i used to find in them (gill, remember weird uncle stall?). yet there was beauty in this trip. the trip up to panmunjeon was very different from the dmz was quite surreal to actually step into that blue room and just come so close to north korea (alright, it was just a line of separation). shopping was surprisingly good this time round, though lotte mart was never in the itinierary (i miss the BIRCH biscuits!).

hong kong on the other hand was more of the memories of the 3 of us. the roast goose was good, the dim sum was good, shopping was alrite,and it became so routinal that the camera was never out of the hotel room, thus explaining the lack of pictures.

more to update. more to come. only a matter of whether i wanna do the update.

take care, if u are even reading this.


this is what happens when u accumulate too much bad karma.

car got reversed into and ......

heng heng the person paid for it

photoshoot @ carol's

a little pity jac u weren't there.

otherwise the pictures would have been perfect with u inside!

down witha horrible throat infection-fever-cold. think must be due to the powerful aircon at cineleisure. :(

short update

goodness gracious!

i was looking thru all the photos i have taken so far and i realised i am seriously due for some posts.

but then again, seriously no time. due for another photoshoot later.
start with something small first!

from commencement!

from the very much anticipated koyon dinner


of nothing and betrayal

seriously, i never thought this would ever happened.
but it did.

people need to grow up, and know the facts of the case. and in fact, you knew what happened. so please do not go behind my back and start telling people all kinds of nonsense.

you know u owe me a lot, be it sales or even the KPIs.
u have just did urself a lot of wrong.

goodbye to this friendship.